02 November 2010

2012 Elections

The 2010 elections give policians a chance: deliver freedom, or you will be gone in 2012.

Your guide? The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the constitutional debates... other thinking published pursuant to rational liberty.


May there be accountable individual freedom (Liberty) restored in my lifetime:

People are free from restraint and compulsion except that necessitated by accountability—for harming or depredating others, attempting such, or doing it de facto by negligence or indirectly through one or more proxies.

Under Liberty, government's domestic role is limited to enforcement of said interpersonal, inter-organizational and self-accountability and to providing and/or serving a forum and methods for genuine, voluntary collective action in response to threat of or actual disaster, incursion and forcible or fraudulent attempts to overthrow Liberty.

Such rightful government has one other role: making and enforcing treaties that protect its people’s Liberty.

Most notably, it is the people’s mutual responsibility and duty to focus, restrain and limit government to and within these functions.


Sworn officers (every congresscritter, judge, LEO, appointee etc.): know your oath. Abide by it. Otherwise, we'll kick YOU out too.

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