24 April 2011

Theatre of the Absurd

Now having enabled posting straight from e-mail, I’m doing a little testing. Test, Test, Test.

Ah, this is all new stuff for me, so it’s a kick.

Anyway, been watching what’s going on in Libya? Is that liberty? Am I not (are you not) being involved in something we’re not sure we want to have anything to do with? Quadaffi (however the heck ya spell it!) is no charmer, but what threat did he pose? Are we now a nation of conquest, just going around the world to kick butt, take names (and oil)?

Time to see our Congress—the daring, new all-self-touted Congress—assert its authority to stop Presidential overreach. Think they’ll do it?

I know I’m looking forward to seeing Ron Paul stick it to the Fed. He’s barely had a chance to start, but it’s a thrill to see the Fed putting together its own dog and pony propaganda show. Must be on the run, worried about their image. They should be. They’ve turned the dollar into mere shreds, with the help of the Bush and the Abominahbababble. And many others.


On another note...

Here’s an interesting… I think TRULY fascinating take on what men do vs what women do. And why. http://www.psy.fsu.edu/~baumeistertice/goodaboutmen.htm (added 8 Nov 2013: checking links, found this one dead... here's a forum where it was discussed. Unfortunate it's gone.)

Don’t let the title throw you; this is a mighty fine rundown on the real differences—and real contributions to our world—of both men and women… and why and how.

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