26 April 2012

More On Trayvon

Ok, because of the intensity of my last post, I went and researched the story some more.

My opinion isn't changed much.

I still see most of the rancor against Zimmerman as being race-based or "Oh, gee, that (Trayvon) might have been my son" type sentiment. Yeah, Zimmerman might be your son, too, with his head bashed in and you'd tell him he shoulda fired sooner.

That thing he whispered shortly after saying "these assholes get away with everything"... unfortunately, it does in fact sound like a racial epithet. I listened to it a half dozen times, and it ended up sounding to me like the word started with a "c," not the "g" that some of Zimmerman's supporters are hearing. To be fair, what I heard those supporters say was not an assertion that it was a "g," but not sure which it was--which is reasonable and fair: I'm not sure which either, but it sounds bad to me.

But someone wandering around at night looking around, seeming to be on drugs... I'm sorry, that's suspicious. Trayvon's supporters try to make it appear that he was on a purposeful jaunt to the convenience store, but clearly, he did some rather wayward wandering. Casing, maybe? In a neighborhood where there's been a lot of B&E, especially, wandering and looking around late at night is very reasonably going to raise eyebrows.

Ok, he was on the phone with a gal pal, girlfriend, whatever her status. We've heard tale from her about what he was saying. Everything I could find was sketchy at best--and of course not from a recorded phone call. For all the reaching that's being done on this on the "nuke Zimmerman" side of the debate, for all we know, she was his accomplice and maybe even a lookout as he cased the neighborhood. That's as plausible as any of the conjecture on the other side of the debate.

I go back to the point that if he felt he was being stalked, he should have called the police, instead of confronting Zimmerman. We'll probably never know why Trayvon's earpiece fell out or was taken out or perhaps knocked out...

And it's true, evidently, that Trayvon was no angel. Just go to YouTube and enter "Trayvon Martin" in search. He stands accused there of quite a few crimes--not just drug abuse or being a crummy public school prisoner, but real crimes.

Much hay is being made of Zimmerman's many calls over months and years to 911 about happenings in the neighborhood. Well, if a lot's happening, maybe a lot of calls need to be made. He was, after all, active with neighborhood watch.

I'm also stunned by all the talk about how the dispatcher said not to follow. What he said--the only thing about following Trayvon that I heard him say--was, "we don't need you to do that." If something came after that, I don't know; I can't find recording beyond that point. Now, that's a polite way, perhaps, to say, "don't follow," but it's certainly not a command (or "demand" as some of the pundi-dingbats called it) or even an instruction.

And yet, I keep hearing about how he was repeatedly ORDERED not to follow. Why falsify? Who's behind that?

Can the media get NOTHING right? And the stuff from The Young Turks. OMG, so uninformed and idiotic. The Hardball interview of Zimmerman's friendly acquaintance Joe Oliver wasn't hardball, just fastball and loose, loose, loose. Just a bunch of accusations, not even responsive to the man.

And now "Kennedy" from Reason--REASON--can't get the story right and doesn't begin to understand the dynamics of situations such as that. Anybody wonder why some call it TReason?

And then there are these calls for killing the pink people and a bounty on Zimmerman by... the Black Panthers... folks calling Larry Elder an Uncle Tom, because... what? He doesn't tow the racist line? He wasn't even that supportive of Zimmerman.

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