15 April 2012


I’m so fascinated with watching the debacles known as government (take your pick: federal, state or local—all have major problems with truthfulness and effectiveness… and legality) that I forget for long periods to go on “output” mode. Long time since my last post.

I also am thrilled with a lot of the alternative media and how they cover serious issues that the so-called mainstream media just avoid like the plague. Sometimes I wonder what I have to add. Yet, some folks might find my way of discussing useful.

On my mind today is the way the media and Republican Party has handled this year’s lead-up to the primaries. It’s repulsive. The million ways Ron Paul and—not as notably, but—Gary Johnson, have been cheated is mindboggling. Who can still doubt that the only legitimately democratic part of our republic (the popular vote) is completely rigged?

From Iowa on, there are such examples of PR games and vote-allocation fraud errors and just pure demagoguery by the Republican Party that one is left wondering how to fix it. Some say it can’t be fixed. In any event, I don’t know how the Republican Party can expect us to swallow any kind of assurances that “Republicans have character.” Or even that they’re not pure slime, unless they prove otherwise as few have.

Harking back to a previous post, the Republicans who touted themselves as TEA Party have not proven themselves worthy of votes from those of us with a freedom mindset. Some have done well, but certainly the group as a whole has not. We need to dump these dingbats who let Obama run over them… we need to get rid of them at almost all costs.

We need men and women in Congress who will stand up and say, “Of COURSE I’m obstructionist when you’re pushing unconstitutional and downright treasonous plans! Of COURSE!” We need people who will drive the impeachment of a president who pushes past the Constitution in an end run. We need them to do the same for Supreme Court justices who ignore the law of the land, and on down the line until they understand that the Constitution is the thing.
  1. Some may wonder “why the Constitution?” There are two main reasons: The Constitution created the federal government, stated what powers were delegated to it by the people and the states, and how each branch was to operate. This establishes who’s on top in America: the people and the states, not the federal officials. It also limits them, because unless they are scofflaws, they cannot do what is not granted to them in the Constitution. Of course they are scofflaws, and it’s time to reign them in;
  2. The Constitution was conceived in a tumult of ideas, some from those with good intentions and some from those with bad ones. Amid that tumult, it came to be understood that the only sustainable society would be one in which the people could agree to disagree. Big ideas on how to shape the perfect society were posed—and deposed. No delegate who had these grandiose ideas on religion or central banking or controlling commerce could convince other ones to go along. There were a few, like Jefferson, who understood that freedom had to mean freedom for all; the rest went with it because at the end, only freedom was agreeable to the majority.

Mason and Jefferson had some pretty spectacular understanding of history. They observed that any form of demagoguery eventually (if not immediately) took on a nasty sheen and ultimately designed its own destruction. They observed that where freedom had reigned, so had prosperity. And where it had not, so also prosperity had been reserved to the few—and had been the basis of the society’s self-destruct. Not all of them understood this, but some did. And the rest bickered over their pet demagoguing plans, which went at cross purposes to those of others to the point where they just gave it up as useless.

But that demagogical mindset is so … resilient. There is a natural tendency, I believe, to narcissism in almost all, if not all, humans. It goes along with other impulses that are self-destructive and can be outgrown. Yet this requires effort, and many of us will put out an effort to let others be. Yet that is the healthy, adult thing to do. Rick Santorum disagrees. Oh well, I think Santorum is a dingbat. I haven’[t heard him say one thing in any of the debates that made him look more sophisticated than a candidate for some high school student body position.
Republicans: if you nominate Romney, I think you’re racists against Obama, because Romney is no different and now Obama has at least the benefit of experience. If you nominate Santorum, you don’t “get” the American thing, because Santorum clearly doesn’t get it. If you nominate Gingrich, … you’re idiots, fooled by a fool who doesn’t even fool his own state any more. Unless you nominate Ron Paul, you will not get the things the Republican Party has been mouthing about since Reagan.

Democrats: Wake UP! Jefferson is spinning in his grave as you invoke his name, calling your party the “Party of Jefferson.” He would make you feel very small indeed if he came and gave you the scolding you deserve. Of course, you would probably call him an idiot and wonder how he ever got famous, because you’ve been duped into believing the nanny-state lies.

Independents: you want to remain independent? Does independent mean that you owe no fealty to some Party that doesn’t even have a consistent, let alone American, platform? Vote for Ron Paul! Otherwise, you’re wasting your vote.
Ok, enough screaming from me today. In future, I’ll try to post more often and keep it to one topic. Thanks for riding along.

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