11 September 2013

The Muster

A comment on Infowars...

Posted by UnwillingContributor:

"While addressing his defeat, Colorado Senate President John Morse said 'You’re not judged by how you got knocked down, but rather how you got back up.'”

Hmmm. "How you get back up." Yes, see this, folks. ...and what does he think he's going to get back up to, and how? Well, as others have said, he's now proven himself to be a good little global statist, and like the gangster that has now "proven" himself by killing someone, he's marked and made. As others have pointed out, he will, as was "Big Sister," be appointed to a position where his loyalties will be put to use at another level. Imagine, Napolitano, stinker of a governor of Az, appointed to DHS... and now off to UC? This is VERY SCARY, folks. Look at stinker governor Sibelius, of KS. HHS head? YUCK! Where will SHE be off to after this?

This is gang warfare, waged in the mind and in the economy and in media/education, by propaganda and the political process. And the other side has been at it for a long time and they're very good at it. They are deeply entrenched and their walls are strong and high, hard to properly besiege; they have their battalions lined up, trained to battle, steely in their determination, and ruthless to the end.

We must step up and fight the good fight, with just as much determination and just as much ruthlessness, yet not falling into the trap of becoming like them. The way is to keep a vision of liberty, a picture of what free people, with free minds and free markets, with an understanding that the problems of liberty are far better than those of tyranny, can savor!

Colorado is a very good step in the right direction. It is a symbol to our side that inroads can be had. However, symbolic as it is, it is a skirmish, compared to the huge battles "they" have had recently in California, Maryland and other places. Let the symbol supercharge you; this war can be won. But sitting back and exulting about this win is exactly wrong; it's time to pour on the pressure, as I know AJ and many others also know and will do. It is not time to think we have won. We've only started.

And don't write off anyplace in the US. It can be tempting to write off places like California, but that is a HUGE mistake. California is 10% of the population of the U.S., and money galore is sent to Cal to MAKE SURE that it bellwethers the country. Colorado gave them a black eye, but fighters know that it ain't until teeth and hair are gone and testicles smashed and the opponent choked out on the floor that the fight is won.

The fight won't be won until we don't have to worry that the legislatures will start up with domineering or that the courts will weasel out the way they so often have done with regards to freedom, or that the executives will promote or sign bills antithetical to liberty. Moreover, it won't be won until the megacorps and banksters are put in their place: servants, not masters. This is a big fight, folks, almost unfathomably big.

This will only happen by winning people over to freedom, promoting the idea that "while I may not care about your pet freedom, WE HAVE TO STICK TOGETHER or each of us will lose his pet freedoms." Some "freedoms" are not freedom, but license to demagogue; these won't be accepted. But anything that doesn't involve one person genuinely dominating another must stand, much as some of us may have to hold our noses to protect them.

Gun owners specifically, and freedom fighters in general, have had a lot of teeth knocked out, and hair pulled, and we've had some pretty bad testicular smashes. We have been on the ropes for decades. When we've hit the mat, we haven't owned it; sometimes we've held our own, but to win, we'll have to get the choke-holds and arm- and leg-bars DOWN. We can't just punch, draw a little blood and gloat. It's not that kind of fight. Punch, punch, grapple, grapple, OWN THE MAT.

I'm gonna take this opportunity to thank AJ and so many others who are true champions for the right fight. Well done, guys! Keep it up! Let's GET 'em!

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