22 December 2013

Army Master Sergeant CJ Grisham

Recap: Man (MSGT) walking with son. Dumbass cop, acting, allegedly, on a "tip" from some willy-nilly silly dilly (probably CA, NY or MA soccer transplant), makes non-consensual contact with the man, approaches within arm's distance in violation of training and without apparent intent to control the man, and unprofessionally grabs man's possession (in this case, a gun).

MSGT obviously was intent to cooperate. He apparently did not think the cop was a fake. He tolerated the cop just grabbing his possession, which grabbiness bothered ME to WATCH. The cop did not follow procedure (Field Interview "FI" positioning [out of reach] or stance, cover, commands, advising of purpose and intents, etc), nor did he use any sense, nor did he show any respect. He acted as if he were invincible and entitled. He could so easily have ended up dead, if MSGT were the bad guy that would warrant police attention. The cop needs to go back to the academy to 1. drop about 80 lbs and 2. grow a tactical brain. Then he needs to go see a shrink to learn about human relations and why he has such a need to run free over other people's rights and dignity. Once he's cleared from all that, then he can work again.

And then, the Watch Commander (WC). IDIOT!!. He could have cleaned this up, dusted off MSGT and, with MSGT kinda pissed and ruffled, avoided a lawsuit and a whole bunch of us criticizing DISCONSTITUTIONAL COPS. Instead, he went gangsta, by which I mean he "backed up" his idiot underling without any sense of what he was doing or of what was right and what was wrong. It was just "us" vs them.

Now notice, neither of these geniuses of law enforcement really felt threatened. If they had, the kid would have been much more attended to. In the situation, I'm glad he wasn't, because we get to see the misconduct loud and clear. But if I were these guys' Training Officer, I'd have them writing standards for a year, for being so stupid about officer safety. Let me be blunt: if MSGT were a bad guy, Copster would be dead, DEAD. The second he got close enough, let alone started snagging at the gun, he was dead if MSGT wanted him dead. His hands were full; he was in range; he was unconscious of the conceal weapon. Copster should praise God and thank his lucky stars that he wasn't dealing with a bad guy! But then he should also repent in a huge way and make it up to MSGT in a huge way. Good GOD folks, this guy was STUPID!!

I think MSGT might have been able to defuse the situation, but I don't blame him for his comments or demeanor. I never saw or heard him say or do anything that was really out of line in any way. "Touching" the gun was, per what I saw, just retrieving it from a grabby, fake-friendly idiot WHO WAS THE ONE WHO SET THE TONE OF INFORMALISM, not a retention as if with any intent to use it--and CERTAINLY not threatening to the cop. I can easily see how he didn't think the copster would act like such an idiot. Looked to me like "friendly" leading to discussion.

But the idiocy doesn't stop there. A jackass, notch-counting DA decided to "run it up the flagpole," costing MSGT undoubtedly a TON of money. And a JURY of --obviously nitwits--or else they were not allowed to see this video, which would indict the judge and perhaps the police for not providing it and then the judge again for letting them get away with that) proceeded to convict him of ANYTHING. Evidently, someone like me sat on his first jury, because I would have stood fast against ANY conviction, based on the evidence I've seen here. I would have said NOT GUILTY and if the rest of the jury couldn't see it that way, I'da hung it. The second jury: what the HELL is WRONG with YOU????

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