05 January 2014

Thugocracy for Mercantilism

I'm an escapee from Los Angeles County, where the Imperial March runs rampant.

It's incredibly good that this activity is coming to at least a little light. There should also be proverbial smoke and flame, burning out the people behind it.

Los Angeles County is HUGE, comprising roughly 10 million people. There are only five supervisors that developers or other "merchants" have to bribe, threaten or cajole in order to turn the county into a mercantilist, aka fascist, hangout. ...more than it already is, that is...

Think about that for a second: that means that in Los Angeles County, 2 MILLION people are "represented" by one supervisor. That's worse than we get in the US House of Representatives! FAR worse!! US House representatives areas comprise some 700,000 people, which is horrendous already (should be more like to 50,000 to 80,000), but Los Angeles County residents get one third of that in LOCAL GOVERNMENT!

(California Constitution requires counties have at least 5 supervisors--does not limit number of supervisors, or specify their pay, require a minimum level of representation, or limit the size of a county. This is something, perhaps, that should be addressed in CA).

These raids were originally excused as a way to get at repeat offenders in genuine criminal matters, to harass crooks who kept figuring out how to wriggle loose of the system until they would leave the county. At that, I saw it as less than tolerable; if we have a criminal, a real one, let's lock 'em up on real charges. But let's not play roundabout games. I also predicted how this strategy would enlarge and turn into a much more dangerous game for LA County residents--as it has. I am not gratified to have been right about that, but ... well... it isn't that hard to predict.

Moreover, the spokesperson for Antonovich's office used the "c" word: conspiracy. It's a word that's supposed to send the "conspiracy theorist" running and hiding. Yet, I note that this strategy isn't working out too well, as it's become quite vogue to at least hint at conspiratorial dealings... half the shows on History Channel (of all the MSM-related places!) go to the matter. It's how they get viewership, even if they expose ... effectively nothing.

Fact: Antonovich's office has been hot to trot on the Antelope Valley Corridor idea for at least 10 years. What is the motivation? I can't say; dunno, but doesn't that look mighty suspicious, in terms of what we're seeing here and how it's playing out? *I* sure think so!

And with that, I'll leave this matter to you, dear reader, to research or not, and make your own conclusions!

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