15 March 2014

Shannon Troughton-Watts Feels Abused By Truth

Adding this link 2015 01 21. additional info from gunfreezone
Sad Bad Mean Mommy-But-Really-Operative Feels SO Abused

The poor, poor victim who only wants to bring the biggest, nastiest, ugliest, deadliest weapon in the world to bear: government. Yes, she wants to use her weapon of generational destruction against gunnies, because she's on a mission, and offended.

We're all offended by crime and other violence, Shannon, and that's why we're offended at you. Your "mission" is either massively criminally negligent or massively criminally intent. Your "mission" will pave the way for enslavers and other predators big and small, if you succeed. And what may differentiate for us, in our minds, whether you are deluded or intent?

Yes, here she is, pretending to be jus' a li'l ol' mom, scared and concerned. Yet what she is, is a monstrosity psy-op worker of many years. And she's hiding it, or trying. A professional liar, a liar in a profession designed, scientifically, to get people to do what is not good for them, "of their own, 'free' accord": propaganda.

PR is just another word, a word the profession hopes is less toxic than propaganda, which is the word its genius mastermind, Edward Bernays, came up with. It was Bernays that the Germans learned from when they proceeded to use this tool in a way that forever made "propaganda" a bad word. There is no advertising or PR without Bernays' influence. It doesn't happen, folks.

So, one starts wondering on which rail she should be run out of town...

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