29 April 2012

The Age of Reason Citizen

To be an age of reason, the time in reference must be characterized as a time when people in general are devoted to fact and truth above any other fealty. This doesn't mean that there wouldn't be room for faith and familial devotionquite the opposite, actually.

However, it would indeed preclude societies whose claim to reason is based on the leadership of one or a few persons, or of a particular caste of personsan "elite." That's one reason why I find the Georgia Guide Stones so preposterousin order to drive the dicta they present, there would have to be a caste that dictated to all others.

Thomas Paine coined the term, "age of reason" by writing a book and giving it that name. The book trumpeted values of The Enlightenment, which placed reason above the dictates of what he considered corrupt or corrupted religion, including the so-called "divine right of kings."

In short, the foregoing puts to its end any call for an age of reason that also calls for demagoguery of any kind, a caste system of any kind, an "elite" to rule the "commons."

26 April 2012

More On Trayvon

Ok, because of the intensity of my last post, I went and researched the story some more.

My opinion isn't changed much.

I still see most of the rancor against Zimmerman as being race-based or "Oh, gee, that (Trayvon) might have been my son" type sentiment. Yeah, Zimmerman might be your son, too, with his head bashed in and you'd tell him he shoulda fired sooner.

21 April 2012

Trayvon Martin

http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2012/04/20/Zimmerman-Bloody-Head Date/Time/Location stamped photo of Zimmerman’s head shows that it (Zimmerman’s head) was beaten against the ground. If the back of my head looked like that, I too would have been in fear for my life.

http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/04/20/Dershowitz-prosecution-immoral Even Alan Dershowitz calls the prosecutor’s arrest affidavit essentially “too thin.” Alan Dershowitz is not particularly a friend to gun owners or self-defense, and I’m stunned—pleased, but stunned—that he’s weighed in at all in this racially charged case. He says he’s not taking sides, which … ok, I accept that, especially with Dershowitz’s “liberal” biases. He “just wants to see both sides play fair.” Ok. I doubt he’d play it that way in court… so, interesting he’s got anything to say at all.

This is another politically motivated prosecution, like the Duke University lacrosse team prosecution by Michael Nifong and the Harold Fish (http://www.buckeyefirearms.org/node/8010) prosecution by Michael Lessler. There should be severe penalties for prosecutors who falsify affidavits, ignore the opinion of police who did initial investigations and, instead, give in to the opinion of some contingent of the population which is racially or culturally motivated to support the real perp and attack the defender.

15 April 2012


I’m so fascinated with watching the debacles known as government (take your pick: federal, state or local—all have major problems with truthfulness and effectiveness… and legality) that I forget for long periods to go on “output” mode. Long time since my last post.

I also am thrilled with a lot of the alternative media and how they cover serious issues that the so-called mainstream media just avoid like the plague. Sometimes I wonder what I have to add. Yet, some folks might find my way of discussing useful.

On my mind today is the way the media and Republican Party has handled this year’s lead-up to the primaries. It’s repulsive. The million ways Ron Paul and—not as notably, but—Gary Johnson, have been cheated is mindboggling. Who can still doubt that the only legitimately democratic part of our republic (the popular vote) is completely rigged?