13 April 2013

Ah yes.. The Updated Obama-Jefferson Interview... better!

Rights, Legal and Natural. Not an option, but an obligation!

(update 4/17/2013 Tibor Machan on rights: http://www.thedailybell.com/28960/Tibor-Machan-The-Corruption-of-Individual-Rights ... I love it when it seems like luminaries like Machan and I are "channeling" the same general stuff)

I live in a rural area, lots of four-way stops. I have noticed that most people have no clue how to deal properly with them. At busy ones, most people have fallen into the bad habits so prevalent these days. This is a problem.

I want to address the problem per se, but I also see it as an example that can be used for a wider point I will make in the rest of this post.

I assume U.S. readers, so we're talking driving on the right side of the road, and U.S. rules. I will also refer to the vehicles and their drivers as "the guy" this and "the guy" that. Sorry, folks, no offense, but in the interest of clarity and... being a guy... that's what I'm gonna do.