27 January 2013

Important Rundown

YouTube vid discussing the Sandy Hook business

What amounts to a consolidated report on what's going on with the Sandy Hook busienss.

I don't have much more to add. Bad, bad business going on.

20 January 2013

What About It Isn't Tyranny?

Every time a tyrant feels insecure, s/he wants to take away your weapons, whatever may constitute them. "Never mind me and my tyranny and the fact that I'm bringing your rebellion and hostility on myself; it's your guns, your knives, bludgeons and... lord forbid... your argumentative points... that are causing problems. What I'm forcing on you is right."

This is Psycho 101, folks. Read about narcissistic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder: "We'll beat you into submission! It's for your own good." But it's not; it's for their own good, whether it be to feel good about themselves or for monetary or other gain.


PrezDent O'blamblam, Chief Gaslighter and Drone Attack Bringer, Destroyer of Whole Villages and Many Hundreds of Children, Terrorist to the World, said in his remarks announcing his "recommendations" for newish 2nd-Amendment-infringing law-like-things to save children... he said that some of us out here would be shouting about how he's after our guns and establishing tyranny, as if to imply that this is a wacky notion.

13 January 2013

Second Amendment Deniers Guilty of Treason?

Infowars Documents International Attack on America

The Japanese chose not to launch a ground invasion of the US during WWII, on Yamamoto's concern that "Behind every blade of grass there is a rifle and someone who knows how to use it." This is the best documented of these stories, but I've also heard it about the Soviet Union, and it makes sense that indeed it has been a major strength in deterring potential attacks from just about anywhere. It also deters a huge amount of crime, either passively or actively (that is, by the mere possibility of a gun's presence or by the presentation or use of a firearm).

...with the Chinese, English, Russians (and so on) now, supposedly as a result of the Newtown business, saying that the U.S. government should disarm citizens...

"What," one wonders, ... "does someone have a plan?" Perhaps one that would bring back that concern about US civilians and our guns? It doesn't take a lot of security training to think this suspiciously.

Gun Grabber Lies

There's no way to actually list all the ways the gun grabbers lie to us continually. They lie about their intentions (yes, they want ALL guns; they won't admit it, because they have found out that to say so defeats their purpose... but if they say they only want "this" gun or "that" one because of its kill power, then at least some of us are rube enough to go along). They lie about their "reasoning"; it isn't reason; it's just a vain attempt at justification to cloak their intentions).

Anyway, some useful stuff: 18 Ways the Gun Grabbers Lie

02 January 2013

Spin to Sell Books: "Abandon the Constitution"

This article sent me to this BS in the New York Times by Louis Michael Seidman (more on Seidman), which I take to be mainly a ploy to market a book. Yet, here's another constitutional law professor who doesn't seem to be able to properly assess the realities even of history, much less social dynamics.