13 January 2013

Second Amendment Deniers Guilty of Treason?

Infowars Documents International Attack on America

The Japanese chose not to launch a ground invasion of the US during WWII, on Yamamoto's concern that "Behind every blade of grass there is a rifle and someone who knows how to use it." This is the best documented of these stories, but I've also heard it about the Soviet Union, and it makes sense that indeed it has been a major strength in deterring potential attacks from just about anywhere. It also deters a huge amount of crime, either passively or actively (that is, by the mere possibility of a gun's presence or by the presentation or use of a firearm).

...with the Chinese, English, Russians (and so on) now, supposedly as a result of the Newtown business, saying that the U.S. government should disarm citizens...

"What," one wonders, ... "does someone have a plan?" Perhaps one that would bring back that concern about US civilians and our guns? It doesn't take a lot of security training to think this suspiciously.

Then there's Obama, Feinstein and others who want to do same, want to make new law to do it ... thus lending aid and comfort to these foreign interests who ... what is it they want us disarmed for again?

The Second Amendment was written about armed defense, not hunting. The lightest review of the writings of the Framers makes this clear; further, in that day, to ban firearms-based hunting would have been unthinkable and so visibly impractical that no one even gave a thought to it.

So it was about defense. Yes, and not only personal self-defense, but defense of community and country--and constitutional government--and freedom.

A well regulated militia
Being necessary to the security of a free state
The right of the people to keep and bear arms
Shall not be infringed

Some people wonder, "why all the commas?" I think it was intended to be read as if laid out in a stanza, the way I did above. If you have ever done poetry analysis, you will recognize the utility of this. It effectively means, "A well regulated militia ... shall not be infringed" as well as "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infinged." The amendment, as written, also means that the right pre-exists the Constitution, that a militia (as opposed to an army or other professional military entity) is necessary to security, and that a major goal is freedom.

There's a lot wrapped up in that amendment, especially when put in the stanzas the commas seem to me to imply. "...shall not be infringed" is very powerful language. It's very absolute, and expresses the sentiment that was expressed then, in personal writings: "no freeman shall be debarred the use of arms."

Getting back to DiFi and crew: people can certainly have their opinions about things, and express them. So what's my beef with DiFi and Obama? It isn't that they have an opinion. It isn't that they express it. It's not even so much that they abuse their bully pulpit to express such opinions.

It's that they have shown a propensity to simply ignore the Constitution when "that piece of paper" becomes inconvenient--the way all criminals ignore law. We already have a kazillion (according to NRA, literally 20,000) laws that are constitutionally illegal that regulate guns and gun ownership. And then they lie and say they respect our rights, but when you see what they're trying to legislate, it's pretty much an all-out gun ban. ... in defiance of the law of the land.

And here are China, Russia and others shouting that we should be disarmed. And prominent public officials of the US supporting that unconstitutional, disconstitutional, anti-America effort.

At what point does that actually become treason, this legislative lending of aid and comfort to international voices calling for us to be militarily weaker by those who have taken an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic? ...this ... act of war against the US' defensive strength?

My opinion is that it is already treason. The illegal games that were played with the election (and how many more of our elections have been geri-rigged like this last one?) are treason. The scandalous Fast and Furious operation should have high level officials in jail; same for MF Global, whereas our legal system has obviously become compromised to cater to criminals.

When will appropriate authorities get serious about investigating, impeaching and pursuing charges against these criminals? It's time, folks.

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