20 January 2013

What About It Isn't Tyranny?

Every time a tyrant feels insecure, s/he wants to take away your weapons, whatever may constitute them. "Never mind me and my tyranny and the fact that I'm bringing your rebellion and hostility on myself; it's your guns, your knives, bludgeons and... lord forbid... your argumentative points... that are causing problems. What I'm forcing on you is right."

This is Psycho 101, folks. Read about narcissistic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder: "We'll beat you into submission! It's for your own good." But it's not; it's for their own good, whether it be to feel good about themselves or for monetary or other gain.


PrezDent O'blamblam, Chief Gaslighter and Drone Attack Bringer, Destroyer of Whole Villages and Many Hundreds of Children, Terrorist to the World, said in his remarks announcing his "recommendations" for newish 2nd-Amendment-infringing law-like-things to save children... he said that some of us out here would be shouting about how he's after our guns and establishing tyranny, as if to imply that this is a wacky notion.

Oh, wait. 'scuze me. 'Tis indeed a wacky notion. Tyranny already is established in the U.S. and much of the world: he doesn't want to establish it; that box is already fastened down. No, he wants to tighten the screws so nothing shakes loose. He'll worry about getting the rest of everything else in the box after he takes your guns. Ah.. oh yes, he said "total tyranny." Welp, that's exactly what "making sure nothing shakes loose" amounts to. No matter what the Chief Gaslighter says.

And that's what "gun control" is for. It starts with registration, goes to outlaw of certain guns and/or for certain groups, and naturally after that, winds up with "voluntary" confiscation and, failing that, confiscatory raids. And it expands to other weapons and other groups.

The final straw for the colonists in North America was when King George III came for the guns. That was it: they weren't turning them in, not even for Georgie Porgie. You see, the colonists were well aware of long traditions of crummy kings who substituted violence for decency (i.e., live and let live), reason and diplomacy. It's a pattern seen throughout history. Recently we've seen Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot--probably the deadliest ever. Some 260 to 290 million dead by their various actions--all in the 20th Century. Gun banners: the deadliest force on Earth. Ban gun banners!

Why should we think that Obama is any different? Even if we believe he is different, which I don't, what about the next president?


1/31, adding this thought: The Chief Gaslighter referred to fearmongering, saying it's those who call him a tyrant that are doing it. Wait just a minute there, fella: that's exactly what he and the anti-gun fringe are on about: "Oh, no, fear the guns, fear the guns!" Fearmongering is exactly what he and they are doing. Hypocrites!


Don't think we live under tyranny in the U.S?

John Stossel: Illegal Everything

There is a concept called the police power. This is the power of the state to restrict, coerce and punish. Essentially, it applies to the making, enforcement and administration of laws. Where the police power starts entering every aspect of life, and especially where we start seeing particularly violent enforcement of particularly ludicrous laws, that jurisdiction becomes known as a police state. The term is synonymous with total tyranny.

Still don't think we have tyranny in the U.S?
  1. How do you feel about the prospect of airport security? You don't think the threat of having to submit to irradiation or (maybe and) being felt up in a very personal way is an outrage, and abusive?
  2. What requirements, limits and restrictions apply to your job/business and how you conduct it, whom you can serve, whom you can hire, from whom you buy raw materials, how to dispose of waste products, etc? How many of those actually make a dent in what they're allegedly designed for? How many of them seem in reality to serve some competitor, supplier, or buyer?
  3. What licenses or permits are required for you to do your job? To drive a car? To build a house? To distill spirits? To sell those spirits? To sell things as a business in general? To own a firearm? To carry any weapon (in some places, carrying even a pocket knife over 3.5 inches requires a permit)? To conceal any weapon? To participate in a hobby (amateur radio comes to mind)? To hunt? To fish? To hike and/or camp (think about wilderness areas and national forests/parks)? To own a dog or cat (oh, and don't forget "chipping" requirements if you live in one of those jurisdictions)? This could go on for some time...
  4. What requirements, prior to any licensing, do you have to meet even before applying for a license? How much does that cost? (Think Real Estate, Law, Medicine, etc. and the educational requirements.... errrrr degree requirements as may apply.)
  5. How many times a day do you deal with being taxed for something? Sales tax, use tax, income tax, property tax, estate tax, fees of any kind, taxes incorporated into the price of any product or service, ... ?
  6. Have you figured in to your taxes the concept that the Federal Reserve, in concert with the U.S. government, is taxing you every time they increase "the money supply"?
  7. Can you legally do whatever you want, eat or drink whatever you want, smoke whatever you want, etc? How safe do you feel if you speak out about whatever abuses you feel, or criminal actions you observe government or its officials committing? Really? Outspoken critics of TSA, for example, have been the victims of obvious (and sometimes admitted) retribution. Same for those who talk audibly (in a big way) about the international kleptocracy that's going on. If one is not safe to say true things about bad guys without fear of reprisal from government officials, he's not very free.
  8. How much do you feel lied to by the government? I don't care which part of it, could be local, state, federal; could be any branch. This is fraud, not really thought of as friendly and freedom-generating. In fact, fraud is thought of as a form of coercion, not by physical force, but by the lie.
  9. How's your power bill looking lately, since the EPA has closed down clean-burning coal plants?
  10. How about education? Can you home school your kids without the nod of government? Can the taxes you've paid ostensibly for the education of your kids be redirected to the private school of your choice? Does or did the college of your choice require accreditation?
  11. Did you know that you can't grow food and sell it wihout a license? Federal law!
  12. Are you aware of other efforts to ristrict your freedom, as from the U.N., with Codex Alimentarius, Agenda 21, and its "Illegal Trafficking in Arms" treaty that it's pushing? Are you aware of the taxes they are proposing? Did you know that the U.N, this American unfriendly organization, is largely funded by the U.S.--your tax dollars at work? The U.S. pays approximately 1/4 of the U.N. budget, including regular and "peacekeeping." Hmmm, the world has roughly 7 billion people, and 300 million--approximately 5% of the people fund the organization to 25%? Hmmm.
Again, I could go on ad infinitim, but if you don't get the point by now, you're not going to. Yes, we've become used to these takings, but that doesn't make them right. And more and more these days, as our marvelous politicians have shuffled our jobs to India and China, such bites are big ones, more able to be felt.

That government is best which governs least! --Thomas Jefferson

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