31 August 2012

The RNC 2012: Exercise in Domination

Will Grigg wrote most eloquently about the RNC here: http://archive.lewrockwell.com/grigg/grigg-w277.html

We had a chance to beat the Democrat incumbent this year, but now it's gone. The Republican Party has clearly demonstrated that it would rather have a globalist-controlled apparatchik lose the election than an independent, grass roots-acceptable candidate who can win—and it will do absolutely anything to assure same.

The Complicit Media have done their part to assure that it will be apparatchik vs apparatchik instead of a real choice. Dirtbags ALL!!

It is not actually a surprise—at least not to me—that this is the case; I've personally seen it many times over, through several decades. But what has been a big surprise to me is how blatantly they've done it. It's like they feel that they're untouchable by any recompense for their miserable, disreputable, amoral behavior.

Then again, maybe they are. What will Americans do?

For myself, while my agreement with Gary Johnson is FAR LESS than with Ron Paul, I may well vote for Johnson, if for no other reason than to stick it to the lying, cheating, despicable Party of Lincoln. I don't know; I am told that Romney somehow is better than Obama. I have deep, serious doubts about that. As far as I can tell, he's beholden to the same corrupt and corrupting interests to which Obama is beholden. ...and to which both the Party of Lincoln and the "Party of Jefferson" (Oh, would I like to see what Jefferson would do about that little act of coat-tail riding defamation!) are beholden.

I will continue to research, evaluate and judge, however. If I find that there is, in fact, some credible and compelling reason not to part with the parties, then I'll vote accordingly. As it stands, it's a write-in for Paul or a mark it for Johnson.

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