01 May 2013

What if???

Update 2 May 2013: (gasping) Well, so not so nuts after all... The Great Gold Redemption

This is from an IM conversation I had with a friend some time back... relevant today, perhaps alarming, and perhaps should be...

Obviously, this belongs in the "out there" category of just brainstorming for the heck of it, playing with the puzzle pieces to see how they might go together. The friend thought I should post it, so here goes! I hope you find it at least entertaining... not sure how ... errr... useful it might be!

Calling the post... WHAT IF:

Participant 1
The Chinese/Russions/BoE/Etc. want to foreclose, especially with all this talk of default. They will do it in the name of Agenda 21, but for reasons of land/resources/money grab. If they get called on it, they will say, "well yeah, we have a RIGHT to foreclose." This is why they want us disarmed. They also know that there is a huge portion of the U.S. that knows that it never went along with the BS of deficit spending and borrow 'til the cows come home. Our "distributed defense" capability is indeed formidable, and they don't want to deal with it. So they want us disarmed.
Participant 2
but if one examines all the evidence to date..it appears the only outcome is a major civil war/madmax scenario....I can not see any pathway whereby the US disarms..
and also...one has to keep in mind that greater than 90% of everything in this country is made in china and if they cut us off...well try to imagine that!

Participant 1
When they manage to make the remaining population, after whatever they have to do to reduce the population and "docilify" us, they will ship the remainder of the subjects to China, and populate those cities, and bus them to and from the fields or the factories, where they've recently made a rule that potty breaks are max 2 minutes; fined some-odd yuan if you are late once; fired if late twice. (no wonder they have a suicide problem, with people jumping off the factory roofs). 

Participant 2


Participant 1
To subdue us, they will create food and water shortages (already presaged as "peak"everything), fuel shortages, materials shortages, and, if "necessary," killerKILLER flu and perhaps god knows what else. They may put an EMP in there somewhere
Participant 2

So, in a FEMA coordinated fashion, once the civil war/madmax begins...they will offer up freedom and safety to the sheeple who do not want to fight and do not own firearms??
by offering them a big Chinese ship to get on to??
Participant 1
According to Joel Skousen, the US Federals are PLANNING that nuke war will come to America (hence all the underground shelters they're building and have built) 
Yes, effectively, when the last holdouts are dead or subdued, they will evacuate the U.S. to god knows what all countries, but an obvious choice is all that unused residential capacity that the Chinese have been getting laughed at for building, a la FDRs job corps(e).
And the new Chimericans will be a domestic market, and note this: GM and NewsCorp are already ensconced in China, as are many others. It's a f*cked up world, but I think we can thwart it if we get serious...

Participant 2

what a nightmarish thought....following along in line with what FDR did by building up the national parks by hiring youths and healthy young men and pay them, while the rest of the country was starving...
gross out
chmimericans..HA HA
yes..but this is for real and not a comedian hour show!
yuk..if they got Gm over there, maybe they also have Monsanto, GE, HP, etc..
I am skeptical if they are going to nuke any part of America since they want it to be a giant national park for them some day...
can't have it both ways
Participant 1
Heheh, well, I do believe there's a reason for the bunkers. It may be pertaining to the pathogen(s) they plan to unleash. Or it could be a place to hide while the country goes nuts after an EMP
I don't think Skousen is all wrong, in any event

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