11 September 2013

The Muster

A comment on Infowars...

Posted by UnwillingContributor:

"While addressing his defeat, Colorado Senate President John Morse said 'You’re not judged by how you got knocked down, but rather how you got back up.'”

Hmmm. "How you get back up." Yes, see this, folks. ...and what does he think he's going to get back up to, and how? Well, as others have said, he's now proven himself to be a good little global statist, and like the gangster that has now "proven" himself by killing someone, he's marked and made. As others have pointed out, he will, as was "Big Sister," be appointed to a position where his loyalties will be put to use at another level. Imagine, Napolitano, stinker of a governor of Az, appointed to DHS... and now off to UC? This is VERY SCARY, folks. Look at stinker governor Sibelius, of KS. HHS head? YUCK! Where will SHE be off to after this?