06 December 2015

Comments to Paul Huebl: Coverage of San Bernardino by Press. Treason from on high, distributed..

CRIME, GUNS, AND VIDEOTAPE: The Media Reporting About the Islamic Inspired Massacre at San Bernardino, CA was Beyond Pathetic. Paul Huebl rightly denounces the "main stream" coverage of the San Bernardino, CA Islamic terrorist attack. Right on, Paul. My comments left at Paul's site are, as of this writing, awaiting "moderation":

I agree with practically every word of that, Paul.

The Press--the main stream types--are participants in an institutionalization of High Treason, even as narrowly defined as it is in the U.S. Constitution. The Press have been turned into mockingbirds, mere repeaters of official narratives that come from the Oval Office and its various branches. That office today has given itself to directly aiding AND giving comfort not only to those who militate against Constitutional principles and restrictions (to which many of these are sworn by Oath of Office), but even to those who make war on the U.S. (invasion by mass exodus hiding combatants among ostensible non-combatants and then subterfuge from within is an old Moslem trick--see Spain, ca. 700 AD).

What's both impressive and terrifying about it is that it's a worldwide phenomenon. The Press and many dupes aid in the subterfuge of hiding the mad Pied Piper who looms behind the invasion, behind all the co-opting and centralization of the Press and of educational philosophy, of money and banking and the economy (largely accomplished during the Wilson Administration), and now of the entire "police power" (by definition the coercive/security powers of any government, including law making and law enforcement)--all co-opted to corrupt, anti-American and contra-constitutional federal edicts and rules; the takeover is nearly complete.

People and Press comply if not because they've been duped, then because there's a license or credential or pass that can be pulled at the slightest provocation, and tax and regulatory authorities that are used terroristically. Moreover, people have allowed themselves to become so over-specialized that they can't discern the lies they're told and they are fundamentally incompetent judges of reality. Most are duped into self-defeating beliefs and behaviors.

Where those don't work, TPTB don't seem to have a problem with assassinations high and low--sometimes highly visible--a "mugging" or a SWAT raid or a sniper attack--and sometimes by an (perhaps obviously, perhaps not) induced heart attack or automotive crash. Very Mafia-like; where do people think the Mafia learned this?

The proper and effective response is to withdraw support. To wake up, widen our understanding of the machinations, the full spectrum intellectual and moral attack that has been in process since at least 1913; to awaken others; and to defeat the crooked efforts by sheer weight of peaceful noncompliance.

Familiar? Our black population discovered that long ago, but they too have been sucked into the divide and conquer game that goes on. Meantime, we need to get verbally and electorally muscular with government officials about the diaspora that the powers that be, through manipulation and radicalization of the Sharia narcissism of Islam, and put a stop to Obama's plan to bring the diaspora onshore, militants and all. We see its effects in Europe; shall we not learn from that observation?

10 May 2015

Interesting: Thrive

I just spent the time needed to watch this vid:

Good stuff. Affiliated with: thrivemovement.com

It was worth it. To me, this is the best, most succinct characterization of the chessboard--of all the geopolitical/economic powerhouses, what they're doing and why.

He talks somewhat of possible aliens, but then moves off of that. I don't know what I think of the aliens question, but it's been interesting and somewhat convincing to read about Archons, and to see ancient ruins that bespeak technology we don't grasp today. At all.

What I will definitively say about aliens is that given the probabilities, it's a virtual impossibility that there aren't other planets that have given birth to species that are more or less like ours, intelligent, some possibly capable of interstellar travel--especially given what we know... are beginning to know... about "warp" transit and other means of "going" elsewhere.

This blog got its start in a discussion of the Georgia Guide Stones and their ominous message, especially that of keeping population of Earth below 500 million.

In the video, the narrator, a son of the Proctor and Gamble dynasty, discusses the torus, or a torroidal energy structure known to us who do electronics and magnetics, etc. I think he's onto something. He discusses some very useful ideas on how to fix the world basically by refusing to play along with those who have damaged the energy of the human, of the planet and of the planet's and humanity's many energic systems.

He also characterizes those who are damaging it as worms, sucking the energy out. Funny, without too much stretching, the work on the Nag Hamadi find says as much about Archons. The writings are alleged to be at least 2,500 years old. They were found at about the same time as the Dead Sea Scrolls. Wonder why we don't ever hear about them? They were carefully hidden; who has a problem with the information they contain?

There is at least one source for information about the Georgia Guide Stones that asserts that "the Pleiadians" gave instruction to the folks who commission the stones. Hmm. This must be a different strain of Pleiadian than are "channeled" in various and slightly different ways around Youtube. Heh, of course, maybe Archons, Pleiadians, etc. are all poppycock. Who knows? I don't. But I'm still intrigued...

Here's a long limb for me to go out on: what if aliens really do exist, some take the form of grays and reptilians, just as the Nag Hamadi writings seem to convey, and these are actually what humans have experienced as the devils and demons? Obviously, such wouldn't hesitate to lie and say they're from a group of good guys. What if there really is a group of good guys known as the Pleiadians? What if the fake Pleiadians are fearful of human population over 500 million because an awakening population larger than that has a high probability of generating enough power in a collected torus to be the undoing of these Archons?

What if, what if, what if... Well, as I said: a limb. A wild climb, but ...what if? And clearly, someone wants our world as tragic as it is. Who could that be?