07 March 2013

Monetary High Jinks

JS Kim wrote a useful article for today's Goldseek.com page. Therein, he explains what happened (and happens) when fiat currency (money that's money because "the government said so," i.e., counterfeit money backed by nothing) takes over in a country. That is how it is in the U.S. today and since 1933, having gotten its first vestiges in 1913 with the illegal Federal Reserve Act.

If you are unaware of how real money got swapped for fiat currency in the U.S., or if you aren't sure you are aware of the terrible economic results of such changes, please read the article. It's really quite good, comprehensive enough that one who is as yet uninformed on the matter will come away with a respectable overview.

The link takes you to part 1 of the article; there is a part 2 due presumably soon. Watch goldseek for the second part, or I may post it here.


"After Roosevelt passed the treasonous Executive Order 6102 that confiscated gold, and he caved in to the bankers’ plan to turn the world’s REAL money into 100% COUNTERFEIT money, the price index nearly doubled in the next 20 years, and then increased 400% over the subsequent 40 years. This is what counterfeiting money achieves. Cheap imitation copies of the original product (1973 dollars) devalues all existing original product (1933 dollars). Thus, the situation that caused people to fear the banker’s criminality in the 1930s and led to an overwhelming desire to hold physical gold versus paper has actually worsened at an exponential pace ever since Executive Order 6102. But thanks to the re-education camps of modern academics today, the situation accepted by no Americans in the 1920s is now not only willingly accepted by nearly 100% of Americans today but also accepted by nearly 100% of the 7 billion people populating this earth (with the exception of the Japanese, Indians, Chinese, and Middle Eastern peoples)."

"... And this is why instead of confiscation today, banker-controlled and run Western governments (as detailed in “The Quiet Coup”, by Simon Johnson) only need to concentrate on pre-emptive strikes that convince people NOT to buy gold and silver today."


..."during the 1997 SE Asian Tigers banking crisis, the banker-controlled S. Korean government tricked people into giving up their gold by using the political angle of patriotism. The Korean government launched a “Collect Gold for the Love of Korea” campaign and recruited the help of three major Korean corporations, Samsung, Daewoo and Hyundai, to trick all Korean citizens into believing that if they didn’t turn over their gold to the government, they were 'unpatriotic'."


"... the criminal banking class has to assert itself differently in India to accomplish the mission of EO 6102. To stop gold buying, bankers that control India have jacked up the import tax on gold from 1% in December of 2011 to 6% and are discussing a further increase to 8% right now, a move that would represent a 700% increase of the tax on gold in little over a one-year period. Welcome to the pre-emptive strike I discussed above and the Indian equivalent of the tyrannical US Executive Order 6102."

... (US, Europe):

"In order to keep people “fearful” of gold, bankers have deliberately introduced massive artificial volatility into the price of spot gold and spot silver through their manipulation of paper derivative products along with these three additional techniques I explain in this article."


"Or even worse yet, bankers have shuttled people into phony ETFs like the GLD and SLV that likely own COUNTERFEIT gold and silver."

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