28 March 2013

When a Protection Racket Turns Tail

I have said before that even good government is little else than a tamed protection racket. "Tamed" because it were principled: uses and enforces the non-aggression principle; forbids and punishes human-on-human predation; regards all persons as equal before the law ...and thus is not allowed to have an interest of its own, a mind of its own, or to favor some members over others.

This, of course, is quite different from an admittedly criminal protection racket, which is exactly "us vs them," and cronies vs commons, or "elites" (kings, lords, etc) vs The People. The problem is that everyone in a system of a tamed protection racket has to watch it closely and tirelessly, because there is always a risk of its going feral and thus criminal.

The idea of a tamed protection racket is exactly defense of the rights of the people: the natural rights which, when violated, are the basis of the breakdown of society, of the end of cohesiveness, of the end of the ability to live in proximity to one another in relative harmony and a respectable peace. By establishing tamed protection, we create a means for the people to deter, detect and respond to those disruptions.

And then we have this:

...our allegedly tamed protection racket turns tail and runs from its responsibility.

The only conclusion I can reach is that the once-tamed racket has gone feral. I don't believe Holder's helplessness talk for a minute. Yes, oh, undoubtedly, if the evil, criminal truth of the banking system and its disgusting, illegal power over our government were known, we could expect huge ramifications in terms of economics and probably social upheaval.

On the other hand, social upheaval is what happens when bad guys get away with mass crimes that are known to anyone with their eyes open. It's time for our protection racket to do its job and pursue these people who have ruined millions of lives and the credibility of our government.

Lest someone wants to make this out to be anti-government, knock it off. I'm pro-good-government and anti-bad-government. I am for a government that acts lawfully, constitutionally, and protects natural rights, not "special" people or cronies, as is being done by Holder's abdication.

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