06 March 2013

Obama's Track Record

This needs to go viral, folks:

Washington's Blog, Obama's Track Record

As far as I'm concerned, most of this belongs in an indictment. It's time for Congress to grow a backbone and impeach this monster, this guy that's poking at tigers everywhere, hoping for worldwide and national upheaval (?) for... hmm... I can only suppose it's the end game for world depopulation and world government.

Why else would he repeatedly and viciously poke tigers domestically (attacking every protected and unprotected right of the American people) and worldwide (sabre rattling at China and Russia, drone attacks absolutely anywhere and everywhere, illegal wars overthrowing governments that are not doing us harm, etc., etc., etc.)? He could only want a ferocious response. And there could only be one explanation for wanting that response: he's doing the bidding of the would-be worldwide absolute masters. I wonder what his 30 pieces of silver is supposed to be, and whether he'll get it should he succeed. Is this .. effort ... what all that "Yes we can!" crap was all about? Is it really, "Yes, we can indeed throw the world into total chaos so that the masters can finally realize their world government ambitions"? Is that it?

What must the masters be saying to those governments, and even to U.S. patriots, whispering in their ears? "Do it! Do it! Go AT 'em, get 'em, yes, yes, yes!" Kinda like they did in North and South for the "US Civil War," that I call The US Federal War Against State Sovereignty. Or perhaps, The Masters' War on The Liberty Trend. They managed to co-opt American government, didn't they? ...solidified by the Great Depression (brought on by the masters' illegal Federal Reserve and its dislogical processes of thought and its illegal "money") and its resulting illegal social security and other socialist programs, and metastasized by the inside-job attacks on the World Trade Center which, because it was disguised as a muslim terrorist attack, resulted in the illegal and disgusting USA PATRIOT Act and a militarized DHS.

Miltarized DHS: 2 billion+ rounds of battle ammo--not target practice ammo--enough to put a bullet in the head of every man, woman and child in the so-called Western World (North & South America, Europe, Australia) and the Middle East--or more than 2 bullets each for everyone in the Americas; 7,000 machine guns--aka REAL assault weapons to the tune of 130 per state; 2,717 tanks--50 per state on average; ... and counting. This can't be for a legitimate war; that would be fought by the military. No, this has to be for "civil unrest." Wow, they know that they are driving it that way, and they are preparing to fight instead of quit violating their oaths and violating Americans (and everybody else).

Back to impeachment: naturally, Congress, full of corruption, is hesitant to be the pot that called the kettle black, but honestly, that's beside the point. Congresscritters of all ilks can restore some dignity to themselves and to the institutions (both Congress and U.S. government in general) by taking up impeachment hearings and throwing this bugger out. His Veep isn't much of a replacement, but a message will have been sent. And he can be impeached too... as can Supreme Court justices who are not on good behavior.

Or are the Congresscritters (and the Prez and the courts) under threat from those who want Obama's chaos-production plan successful? I'll bet many patriots would gladly guard patriotic, oath-honoring congresscritters and judges... if they can find them.

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