03 March 2013

That Awful Sequestration

Enough of this apocalyptic talk of sequestration!

For starters, Cato provides a look at what's real...

Now the The Gaslighter in Chief wants to pretend that sequestration wasn't his idea in the first place, as he tried (and continues to try) to set budget hawks in Congress at a disadvantage.

Well, the budget hawks in Congress are better described as chickenhawks. In fact they're more like pigeons, "rats with wings," as they talk big cuts and push none of it. This reduction of increase isn't a cut at all, so what's all the hullaballoo?

Worse, the budget hawk poseurs are usually also war hawk neoconnish folk, which means they have no intention of getting the country out of feckless imperial warmongering--where we're wasting $kazillions for... for what, actually? I wouldn't condone it if we were plundering countries conquered, but I'd understand it better.

The country has lots of cause to keep our aerospace and other weapons manufacturers in business, even if we don't have wars. Of course, executive bonuses might fall a bit short, but that's not a reason to keep the spending up at this dumping rate by blowing things and people up all over the world. No, national defense is the key function of a proper government...

...not this acquisition and spending and use of...

racketeering tactics...

to scare us into giving up more of our decreasing income and wealth--and other freedoms.

Seriously, think about this: we put pressure on to lower the tax burden, and what do they do? They threaten our police protections, road repairs, schools... all the things that people tend to care about (and perhaps for little reason, given the quality and character of each that is provided by the "authorities"--but nonetheless, they're at least services). And they threaten our soldiers in the field. They never cut wasteful spending, exorbitant pay scales and retirement and benefit plans for government employees, complete wastes of departments such as education, energy and so on; they never trim the fe'ral government's intrusion into private lives and private enterprise by use of illegal executive agencies that punish industries or companies for non-support (or inadequate support!--see coal-fired power plants) or for being the "wrong" competitor of a favored company or of the now incumbent when he was a candidate running for office...

...they always only cut the stuff that we thought we were paying for specifically; never the people-control grids and the payoffs grid.

If justice were done, just about everyone topping the branches and agencies in the Fe'ral government would be arrested under RICO (racketeering influenced and corrupt organizations) statutes, deprived a defense, as they deign to do to people who aren't racketeering or corrupt (but they hit 'em with it anyway), deprived of a defense via property forfeiture. High Treason should be among the charges, but there are lots of charges that would apply, varying by the perp on trial.

Yah, I see something; I said something. So has Lew Rockwell. The big terrorist in this country is the Fe'ral Government itself. Jannie Baybee, arrest your president, most of the Congress, all of the cabinet, the disconstitutional justices (that's about 8 of them on the Supreme Court) and other federal courts, yourself, your staff, and a large contingent of your crew! Throw the book and lose the key! The rest of us would breathe easier, knowing that you're not out there making "terrorists" out of patriots, just to get rid of all resistance to your (collective you; all those mentioned above and your true masters in the City of London and so on) tyrannymongering.

Fe'ral... a contraction of federal. Or, perhaps a reference to feral, the untamed, the de-tamed, animal, jungle character of the thing. Ah, yes, of course! It's both!

Kinda changing gears here... think of what government is supposed to do... in the United States, its one valid function is the protection of the rights of the people. This is military defense (not international militaristic adventuring), courts, establishing trade treaties with other countries... uh... yeah.. that. That's it.

Even at that, it's little better than a protection racket (remember I said racketeering, right?); proper government's saving grace is that the concept of the protection racket has been tamed (made unferal) by limiting its reach, eliminating the big payoffs to those who run it, and forcing it into just courts and reasonable procedures instead of the wanton behavior of true criminals.

But when government goes feral (as our fe'ral government, and to be inclusive, our state and local governments mostly have), having restored the big payoffs and the delusions of grandeur and the unjust enrichment, the "compelling government interests" that have nothing to do with the well-being or security of the people themselves, and the wanton power it now deigns to wield... it is little if anything but a protection rackect, as in Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO), a criminal syndicate, a crime organization. It and the banksters that are its true masters, and the corrupting, mercantilist/fascist transnational corporations MUST be stopped, in the name of justice, integrity and the human spirit.

Otherwise, we allow a monster--and I don't mean just big, I mean monstrous--to roam free. And how does that reflect on us?

Lest anyone think I'm talking anything but calling it what it is for all to hear and pointing out the proverbial emperor's bare and ugly ass, don't. I'm not talking anything but exposure, and activism that is limited to words, education, communication and political activity. See this for a reality check. And this. And this. Eh, one more.

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